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Corn Flakes with John Lennon

Growing up in Los Angeles in the seventies, it was impossible not to feel the omnipresence of the Chandler’s LA Times. It had become for a time, under the direction of publisher Otis Chandler, a rival to the NY Times and Washington Post (it ranks third behind those two in terms of lifetime Pulitizers). Robert […]

Golden Age of TV

During a rather ho-hum Emmy Awards Show (unlike many others, I was not fawning over Neil Patrick Harris) winning Mad Men writer-producer Mathew Wiener referenced the “golden age” of Television and expressed how lucky he is to be making his show. I would broaden his scope here a bit  – we are all lucky that […]

Jeff Beck – Live at Ronnie Scotts

Jeff Beck may be the only man over 60 who can get away with wearing a choker! Why? Because Jeff Beck can do whatever he wants to do. Jeff Beck has a signature mastery of his instrument. NO ONE can play like this guy! It’s all touch and taste, and his very mysterious whammy bar […]

Inglorious Basterds – Film Review

Quentin Tarantino has a huge a monkey on his back called Pulp Fiction. Pulp was game-changing film-making and the ripples created by that film have become so mainstream that people forget just how astonishing the movie was when it was released. It was a game changer.  No director working today has as unique a stamp as […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Inductees

After the surprisingly wonderful Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert presented on HBO over the weekend (review to follow), Bruce Springsteen said, “if there is any justice at all, my next guest will be inducted to the RRHOF in 2010! Ladies and Gentlemen, Darlene Love!” Darlene Love? You serious Boss? On that note I’d […]

Five Great Comedies to Stream

On my soapbox again for DVD rental of TV series. This time for comedy. Comedies are different than serialized dramas in terms of the DVD viewing experience. Most comedies fully stand on their own, and it’s not critical to connect the dots from the preceding weeks to the current episode. Some dramas, like the Shield […]

Avatar – Film Review 3

James Cameron’s Avatar is the event movie of the year if not the decade. It takes whatever technology began with Polar Express, refined with Golum in Lord of the Rings, and expanded to near perfection in Peter Jackson’s King Kong jungle sequences and takes it to a whole other level. If you don’t go to […]

Avatar – Film Review 2

I haven’t gone back to see a movie twice in many years. The last one I remember was Collateral, which I thought was brilliant. My second viewing confirmed it. That is a great movie with a terrific ensemble performance and captures LA as only Michael Mann can. It might be Mann’s best film – although […]

Avatar – Film Review

It’s been a lame year for movies. I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited to see a film. Wait, I was excited enough about Inglorious Basterds to write a review (out on DVD next week!). Even there however, it wasn’t anything like the excitement I feel for James Cameron’s Avatar. I am ready to ditch […]

Facing Ali – Film Review

Muhammad Ali is one of the most beguiling figures of the previous half century. His place in boxing history is undeniable. With his colorful personality, quick wit, and seemingly endless charisma took the sport to another level riding on the back of the evolution of media from black-and-white TV and AM radio to the pay-per-view […]

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