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  • Frampton Comes Alive – The 70’s on a Platter

    Where were you when you first heard Frampton Comes Alive? Seems like a ridiculous question? Not for me. I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the first song I heard, “Lines on My Face.” I was a junior in high school and had stopped off at my friend Scott Cummings’ house after school. Nothing unusual […]

  • Steely Dan – Katy Lied

    “Aja” is generally considered Steely Dan’s greatest work. Seven tracks of studio-engineered perfection. Each track brilliantly orchestrated and executed by a cast of musician’s musicians. The lyrics were “languid and bittersweet” and if you didn’t like ‘em then “drink your big black cow and get out of here.” “Aja” is chock full of moments.  Bernard […]

  • Jeff Beck – Live at Ronnie Scotts

    Jeff Beck may be the only man over 60 who can get away with wearing a choker! Why? Because Jeff Beck can do whatever he wants to do. Jeff Beck has a signature mastery of his instrument. NO ONE can play like this guy! It’s all touch and taste, and his very mysterious whammy bar […]

  • Michael Jackson

    If you are all like you me, you viewed the release of Micheal Jackson’s This is it! with a great deal of suspicion and cynicism. The endless torrent of tabloid information surrounding his career coupled with the bizarre reality of the actual circumstances of his untimely death, overshadowed any chance of objectivity walking into this […]