The last couple weeks have had its fair share of music happenings. Here is recap of some of them – with comments (of course).

VMA’s shower Lady Gaga with Awards – Let’s face it, Lady Gaga is the pulse of the music business right now. While her image arguably trumps her music, even the most cynical music critic can’t deny the catchy-ness of her singles. Plus, she can play the piano with competence.

While I am not sure she has has achieved her goal of creating “pop music metal fans would like” – her career is giving the music business something to study. Gaga’s success is no fluke – she is working all the angles. There must be quite a staff to manage the Gaga reach. Not only is the there the music but there are also the remixes, the repackages, the videos, the collaborations with other artists, TV appearances, magazine interviews and covers, website, blog, facebook with twitter updates. She is ubiquitous in a  21st century way. Hard to not respect her for this accomplishment alone.

What remains to be seen is if she can follow up The Fame with another collection of dance-pop ditties equal to “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face.” The success Gaga has experienced is rare in music. Even more rare is for the artist to be able to handle the success and stay focused on the music.

Her recent go as a political spokesperson for “don’t ask don’t tell” is not promising. Not sure how many are flocking to her for her opinion on this issue.  The good news for Gaga is the global appetite for heavy dance music appears to be endless.

American Idol announces J-Lo and Stephen Tyler new judges. Just when Kara became tolerable and started providing meaningful and insightful comments, Fox canned her. Months of speculation came to an end with the announcement that Aerosmith’s rehab-ready lead singer Stephen Tyler, and former Living Color Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez will be joining Randy Jackson for season 10 of American Idol.

BTW – who won last year? I seem to have forgotten… I digress.

What perfect demographics! African American, Hispanic mom, and former heroin junkie (who can’t seem to get it together enough to tour with his band mates)! Something for everyone I suppose. Tyler said he’ll add more “rock” to the proceedings as they, you guessed it, “find the greatest Idol ever!!!”

Train wreck, don’t look kids, cover your eyes!

What show is Simon on this year? I think I will watch that one.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces 2011 inductees September 28. Once announced a full evalution of candidates will be presented. I am sure Kiss fans are having a vigil until then.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert 3-DVD set announced. This concert, one of the best video concerts I have ever seen, full of rock and roll magic, will be released September 28, finally. While this is great news for those who want to revisit the HBO broadcast, rock fans right now are scratching their heads wondering, “what no Blu-ray?” Only 16 bonus performances? No bonus interviews? WTF Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? A question Kiss fans have wondered for years!

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