Cleveland (December 7, 2011) – Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its inductees for 2012. The inductees are:

Performer Category:

· Beastie Boys · Donovan · Guns N’ Roses · Laura Nyro · Red Hot Chili Peppers · The Small Faces/The Faces

Early Influence:

· Freddie King

Ahmet Ertegun (nonperformer) Award:

· Don Kirshner

The Award for Musical Excellence:

· Cosimo Matassa · Tom Dowd · Glyn Johns

I had reported on these nominees earlier in the year on this blog. Comments on each artist can be found here.

The only real surprise is the inclusion of the small Faces – I was never a fan and they didn’t sell tons of records. While they were clearly rock and roll, I would have preferred to see Seattle-based women-rockers Heart make it in. They were rock and roll and inspired women all over the world to give music a go. They will make it in, just not this year.

Laura Nyro wrote some good pop songs and was clearly one of the pioneer female hippie singer-songwriters of the late 60’s. A contemporary of Carol King and Joni Mitchell but with a much shorter career (her hits stopped quickly and she died young). More than anything though she was one of the initial David Geffen “discoveries” (along with Jackson Browne). Given Geffen’s status with the hall, her inclusion isn’t a surprise.

Speaking of Tom Dowd, the Manhattan Project-participant-turned-record producer, check out his fantastic documentary “Tom Dowd and the Language of Music.” One of the best documentaries about a true music pioneer. Good to see him producer Glyn Johns and impresario Don Kirshner all get it.

No Madonna or Abba this year – so a good year for the hall. Maybe GNR will reunite for the show…

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