Today the inductees for 2010 were announced. They are

  • ABBA
  • Jimmy Cliff
  • The Hollies
  • Genesis
  • The Stooges

I have commented on these artists previously. I am neither surprised nor disappointed by this list. With Madonna’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all bets are off to a criteria which includes any notion of rock and roll. The Hall shot themselves in the foot with that one.

I continue to insist that the the root cause of Madonna’s induction is the RRHOF’s insistence on inducting five artists per year. They should change this policy immediately to prohibit the induction of second rate acts.

I am happy for Genesis and fans of progressive rock. Maybe the door is kicked open narrow enough to let Yes in but still keep out King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Kansas, and Asia. I suspect it was their later chart topping pop that got them in, more than their prog rock roots. Whatever the case, they are polite fellows and did rock at one point in their career.

I can live with the Hollies as being a big British Invasion Band who had lots of hits that didn’t chart in the USA. Long Cool Woman is, after all, as Rock and Roll a pop song as any song can be. Alan Clarke sings the hell out of that tune and plays a mean guitar to go with it. I guess if Dave Clark Five is in (another benefactor in the choose 5 conundrum) let the Hollies in.

Jimmy Cliff and the Harder they Come is a touchstone. A good, not great, film that effectively introduces Reggae to the world. One may argue no Cliff, no Marley. Maybe. I think Marley covers all the Reggae bases.

The Stooges released 4 unlistenable albums in their “career.” Kurt Cobain loved the Stooges. So did Lester Bangs. Arguably no Stooges, no punk. No Sex Pistols, no Ramones, no Clash, no British New Wave. I doubt the stooges 4 records have sold a combined million copies. Were it not for Iggy as a rock and roll personality – and he is Rock and Roll in every way (shirtless, heroin, self mutilation, stage diving, Bowie friendship). I would be more for inducting Iggy solo. Too late, as the Stooges are now in. I am sure Iggy is already doing crunches to prepare for their induction performance.

ABBA great hitmakers in the Barry Manilow/Carpenters tradition of great hitmakers. They just aren’t rock in roll.

I feel bad for the Chili Peppers not getting in this year. Not to worry, they will get in eventually. They are 100% Rock and Roll and continue to have a great career in music. They took shirtless beyond Iggy with the tube sock. That alone deserves some consideration.

Donna Summer I don’t feel so bad about, although she is more Rock and Roll than Abba. Agnetha doing “Love to Love You Baby” during her spandex prime, THAT would be rock and roll.

Good to see David Geffen get acknowledged for his huge contributions rock and roll. First as a manager for singer-songwriters like Laura Nyro and Jackson Browne, to later starting one of the first labels to champion artist integrity above all else, Asylum Records. This “free man in Paris” did more for rock and roll than all of this years inductees combined. He legitimized the business of music, and made a fortune for himself and others in the process. Nice to see him get his due.

KISS not getting in, gives me hope for another day.

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