Essentially borrowing the format of the “Classic Albums” series, Eagle Vision and Kayos Productions has just released the excellent Pink Floyd – The Story of WIsh You Were Here on DVD.

Packed with new interviews of the three surviving Floyds (and some old ones with the departed keyboardist Richard Wright) this outstanding documentary sheds light on the quartets follow up to Dark Side of the Moon. 

Dark Side of the Moon is arguably one of the finest classic rock albums everMoon was on the Billboard chart for a record 741 consecutive weeks. A true concept album that matches brilliant lyrics with memorable melodies. Packaged with iconic cover-art imagery and innovative recording studio trickery – Moon is a true watershed in rock and roll.

The story of that album is brilliantly captured in one of Classic Albums finest installments (for Dark Side of the Moon). Not only did Moon propel the Floyd from astral-jam band cult-status into mainstream super-stardom but it also set the stage for their eventual break up as Waters began to assert his dictatorial control.

The story of the pressure of following up Moon and power struggles within the band are vividly captured on the new DVD. The dots from David Gilmore’s breakthrough four-note opening riff to Roger Waters’ decision to make Wish You Were Here a concept album about departed founder Syd Barrett are all connected here. 

The biggest challenge with these types of documentaries is that many musicians who were there are bumbling idiots, drug burnouts, or worse of all… dead.  They can not remember nor explain the past. To compensate these documentaries bring in talking head ringers who weren’t there to flesh out the story. This is very hit or miss.

Fortunately leader/lyricist/bassist Roger Waters, guitarist/singer David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, and keyboardist Richard Wright are some of the most articulate of all rock musicians. Not only do they recall the story, but they tell it with drama and perspective.  The story is told largely through their words.

There too are the scenes at the mixing board where parts of the album are isolated and replayed with commentary –  a classic albums staple. These scenes are terrific. The interviews with the artists who did the albums “burning man” cover are also excellent. 

For many Floyd fans Wish You Were Here is the most intimate of their albums. Perhaps this is due to the connection the band felt with Syd – as all were clearly affected by his burn out and subsequent exit from the band. Could be. There is a certain ominousness to his visit to the studio and all strain holding back emotion as they recall the story.

Whatever the case, Here serves up an undeniably great triumvirate of rock classics, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” “Have a Cigar” and “Wish You Were Here” – which will forever be played anywhere classic rock is. 

Therefore classic rock fans should not miss this terrific documentary! Four stars!

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